Season's Shades

Million Dollar Baby

Metallic sparks that produce blinding flashes of light. The most luminous attire was the star of this season. Key tone: Gold.






Get Squared!

Squares all over the place. Textures with checks, both wide and narrow on coats and jackets for him and her. Key colors: beige, gray and green.



Shiny Leather

 Voluminous hides dominate this season, but leather also attracts the attention. Shiny, with a texture that is provocative to the touch or impeccably smooth. Key colors: black and chocolate. 



College Inspiration

A collegiate look inspired by English university uniforms gives an innocent air to the masculine look. Key colors: blue, gray and beige.



Jungle Fever

The animal print attacks again! Reinventing itself since it recurs in almost all seasons. This winter, it gains new force and appears in real tones transforming into almost surreal textures. Key colors: brown, red and green.  



Snow Racing!

For those who go adventuring in places with extreme temperatures, it is best to go well-protected. Clothes that really cover, together.



Ice Age!

When the show arrives, the best thing to do is to mold to the situation, but always with style. Attire that besides dimension, keeps you warm! Key colors: white, beige and even yellow.



Text: Germán Nájera ± Photo: Cortesía de las Marcas