Charged with surprising traits, the fall-winter season prepares to close the year of spectacular fashion. It is common that the majesty of the cold season exceeds as a proposal what was seen dur- ing the spring-summer season; however, on this occasion the difference was much more evident.

Trends go around in circles, going from the very beginning, cynical, feminine and voluminous fash- ions (The Bubble, Oversize). Attracting the enormous proportions, minimal current attacks again for both sexes, momentarily showing a possible emblem of post-post-post-modemism (Lady Luck, Simple Man).


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The extreme weather that is forecast is not a problem through the juxtaposition of and textures [Layering), as well as the use of majestic hides (Into the Fur) both for him and her. Totally masculine, inspired in the old frontier look and adding modem touches, sees the arrival of options for the man who likes to dress casu- ally (The New Frontiersman). Lastly, one of the must- haves of the moment is velvet, worn discreet and sophisticated (Black Velvet).

The season's splendor is starting, get your wardrobe ready!


Black Velvet

 Velvet, the ideal material for the season looks sophisticated in clothing that, combined with other textures, achieves a semi-formal and masculine look with the key colors of black and brown.



The Bubble

From the waist downwards, anything can happen. The volume of the bubble stays firmly for the season, providing a feminine figure totally in line with the trend. The key colors are magenta, white and red.



In to the Fur

The new arrival of the use of leathers is audacious. Tanned or natural for both sexes and either voluminous or body hugging. Key colors are gray and beige.



Lady Luck!

For women in search of an apparently simple look, the accents appear through accessories. The textures are minimal, whereas the secret lies in combining the elements. The key colors are gray, black and white.



The New Frontiersman

State-of-the-art, and inspired by the frontier, a relaxed look that maintains total masculinity. The compliments are no coincidence and the scarf is the most important detail. Key colors are marine blue and black.



Simple Man

 Post-posmodernism. A minimal air returns without complications. Clothing almost free of texture, with simple lines and en total hominy a valid. The key colors are brown and beige.




 The juxtaposition of items, the use of double layers, scarves, raincoats and even sweaters. Everything is in; combining article on top of article is the secret. The key colors are brown, green and red.



Totally in fashion, exaggerated proportions, the volume in their splendor with the correct adjustments that mold the figure, such as the belt. An exceptional look you should not be without this season. Key colors are black and gray.



Text: Germán Nájera ± Photo: Cortesía de las marcas your social media marketing partner