Spring Preview

Winter is over and natural light begins to warm up the environment, announcing the arrival of spring. It is the moment to get ready, take the necessary precautions and to, without delay, begin to practice out-of-doors activities with the pretext of showing some skin. Now is the time to impulsively turn from using winter clothing to don the trendy, colorful clothing perfect for the warmer weather, which is just around the corner.

This completely stylish concept, as chic as it can be, is totally sophisticated, vanguard, audacious and dazzling and is synonymous with fashion that is light, distinct and original.

Pleasurable clothing, which, depending on the theme or pace, adapt perfectly to that special occasion. Whatever your decision — like enjoying a cruise or sailing on a boat, relaxing on the beach or exploring splendid, balmy destinations, participating in a great evening celebration during the spring equinox or simply going to the club to play golf or tennis — the options multiply the forms and tones. Colors explode and the period between the seasons becomes pleasant…







Text: Germán Nájera ± Photo: Jose Manuel Ruiz, Fashion Week México, cortesía de las marcas

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