Once more, Spring-Summer is upon us, and life is seen in black and white. Black and white are two polar opposites, yet attract each other. Season after season this pair forms part of runways, and as such, our wardrobes. Black and white is a timeless classic combination. Refined, sophisticated, and full of style, these two colors can do no fault. Whether it is winter, or summer, they are always present, and there is no style that can resist them.

Pastel colors, white tones, safari aesthetics, denim, and the little black dress, the style or the most inconspicuous clothing can suffer from small, yet decisive transformations. Yet, there exists other trends that will put to the test our own hesitations about change: from sweeping, open skirts, to the artsy pieces, to glazes. 

All are different, yet have something in common: a message written on them that it’s a simple as it is optimistic. Geometric prints, vibrant colors, and patterns, makes us see that spring has finally arrived.






Text: AMURA ± Photo: fashionvenue.in / 2.bp.blogspot.com / Cortesía de las marcas