There exists a new brand inside the world of watchmaking, one that is synonymous with excellence and elegance but, above all, with good taste, and that would be Laurent Ferrier. The watches fabricated under this name are the favorites of those individuals who are aware that the tribute payed to the god chromos must be done only with collection pieces and those made with precise engineering. 

The Laurent Ferrier watch was recognized as “one of the best” during the Grand Watchmaking Prizes of 2010, the equivalent of an Academy Award inside the watchmaking world. The prize was given to the watch that fulfills the expectations of the client: elegance, luxury, and a complex, but delicate, mechanism.

Its ensemble is composed by a sober black dial, finished with a delicate onyx line, with Roman numerals 41 millimeters wide, an appropriate size for the size of the case. Its form remind one of a Rolex or Patek Philippe; yet, it differs from these two classics for being quite soft to the touch. Furthermore, this 18 karat white gold creation can also be purchased in 18 karat gold.



A necessary piece for precision watch lovers, but especially for individuals with good taste.


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Cortesía de la marca your social media marketing partner