Without a doubt, the Burberry Cashmere Trench Coat is a must have of the season; with its dazzling colours, perfect cut and top notch material, this is a winter statement piece. But, where does it come from?

Many options exist today, none like the one that has captured our attention, for one simple reason:  This creation was made by Thomas Burberry. It emerged from the necessity of making coats lighter for British soldiers, while being rain resistant. This made way to the discovery of it’s characteristic fabric; later on it would evolve into a thick material and it would stop being appreciated as a mere raining cloke; it had transformed into one of the most precious and versatile pieces of fashion´s history.

The trench coat works with a formal look, although it also favours casual outfits for men or women; it is perfect for a winter night out. This year, Burburry’s bet grows bolder, it possesses vibrant and unique colours that are already a tendency amongst the most stylish celebs and “it” girls.