It is ALMOST the season to be jolly and let’s be honest, sometimes we have no clue of what we’ll give. We have made a list with the 10 best stocking stuffers in the world for him. Did we forget anything?

1. Hermès handkerchief

To give this small and legendary garment gives a subtle touch to every man -and trust us- ,it’s always a good idea.   

We love to rescue the use of the handkerchief in men as a gesture of chivalry and we assure you he will enjoy wearing it amongst the millions of occasions and ways he can use it; the wide range of options of this firm is quite extensive, this piece of fabric and art can be used in a day to day basis. 

2. 3D printed and customizable headphones

V-Moda is a very interesting brand, you only have to take a look at their crew on their webpage, in it several options are offered. You can make a 3D laser print which adapts to your design, you can even choose the material.

This is an excellent gift for those who love to try new things technology related, they are even a scientific advance...Oh...he must love music. These amazing headphones come in all shapes and sizes, you can even them in platinum!

3. Ferragamo shoes

Beautiful, elegant, masculine, modern and timeless. For a warmer and Christmas-y touch, you can get the custom made shoe service, with it, you can create the shoe you have always dreamed for him:

4. Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap

This German firm has specialized in granting it’s customers with art-like garments, design and innovation have been already incorporated with elements that entirely digital for the gadget era, this masculine model touches the world of the wearables with a orologic tradition.

5. Lighter

This is an excellent gesture for those who use it and a favorite piece amongst many, it is truly difficult to miss with this gift. We love Cartier’s proposal with a palladium finish which gives an optical illusion with the geometric figures that stand-out in black:

image Ampliar

6. David Yurman Bracelets

It looks like this, no more excuses, they are precious and their different materials are elements of  everyday use.

image Ampliar

7. Ermenegildo Zegna sunglasses

This special model it perfect for the last season of 2015, and we bet he won’t be able to take them for the entire 2016:

8. Whiskey balls

Perfect for lovers of this Scottish spirit, to cool a single malt that won’t get ruined with ice. How about this presentation in 18 carat gold? This is possible thanks to Ball of Steel’s ‘The Executive Set’ 18K Gold Edition whiskey balls.

9. For shaving

HOMMAGE  offers beautiful products that for this part of his care; amongst them you can find a shaving blade whose steel has been produced for only two people in the world: a Japanese and a German. This limited edition is handmade in Damascus steel with a case made in silver and platinum.

10. Cohiba Behike

This is the most exclusive line of cigars of this brand that brings the best of Cuban snuff. It's one of the most masculine gifts in the world.