Since its creation, Le Pliage has become a symbol of simplicity and durability.

Longchamp introduced its new bag, Le Pliage Green, designed from recycled nylon, following one of its goals for 2022: that the entire Le Pliage collection migrates from textile to sustainable.

One of the advantages of the brand's most iconic folding bag is that it can be repaired. Each year, the brand's in-house service repairs up to 30,000 of these models.

Beyond the recycled nylon, each component of Le Pliage Green has been rethought by Longchamp, and represents the current and optimal solution in terms of quality and sustainability.




The body of Le Pliague Green is composed of polyamide canvas recycled from a variety of sources, including: fishing nets, carpet, scrap items and textile offcuts. The interior features a phthalate-free PVC lining.

According to a statement from the brand, the impact of the bag, measured in CO2 emissions, is estimated to be six times less than that of a pair of jeans.

Notably, since 2019, MyPliage Signature is made from recycled polyester canvas; each bag, depending on its size, is composed of eight, ten, 16 or up to 24 recycled plastic bottles.