Gucci celebrates a century of history through a metaverse and physical exhibition in Florence.

In Gucci Visions, the Maison visually tells the story of 102 years since its foundation. Through a digital experience at its headquarters in Italy, the exhibition invites fans of the brand to immerse themselves in the journey, from historic pieces of luggage to the latest bespoke dresses.

The Gucci Visions experience can be enjoyed in the Maison's dedicated gallery space in the heart of Florence, Italy, or online.

The metaverse exhibition is divided into several rooms. The central room, lit by neon tubes, welcomes visitors and invites them to embark on an experiential journey: from Gucci Town in Roblox, to Gucci Vault Land, to the latest project, Otherside Relics by Gucci.

Visitors will also be able to become part of his iconic collections, starting with Stars, where bespoke gowns from past decades are on display. In Travel, they are immersed in an atmosphere of flashing neon lights: this is the Genesis, a place where the first items were displayed after the opening of the first Gucci boutique on Via della Vigna Nuova in Florence.

Icons includes 400 bags, including: Bamboo (1947), Horsebit (1955) and Jacki (1961). Codes features the GG monogram expressed in a series of chromatic animations on mini-screens that form a series of grids on the wall. Bamboo highlights a selection of archival bags placed in a digital landscape.

Flora invites visitors to explore a series of floral patterns in 37 different colors. Various species of plants, insects and flowers adorn the space, which is inspired by the design of clothing, bags, accessories and jewelry.