Porto belongs to a genre called Fortified wines. The name derives from the development process that involves adding a distillate and grape juice or wine, while it is fermenting in order to stop this method leaving residual sugar -unconverted- and a higher level of alcohol, so alcohol is strengthened. 

The final product is a fortified wine with an alcohol volume of 16 percent on average, with a slightly sweet flavor. 

Several grapes used for this style of products, including: Tinta Roriz, National Touriga, Tinta Cao, French Touriga, Periquita, Malvasia, Robigato, amongst others. The different styles of port can be white, remembering pacified white fruits and white raisins. The pink ones, evoking dried cranberries and raspberry jams. Within the red wines, there are two classifications: Ruby and Tawny, with flavors and aromas reminiscent of raisins, prunes, dates, candied black fruits and nuts. 



The city of Oporto in Portugal is the privileged place where it develops this style of wine, so the appellation of origin is unique to this area. 

Pairing: chocolate and blue cheeses are considered the best elements of harmonization of oportos. Other options are crystallized and candied orange strips with caramelized orange chocolate. Red fruits, cherries jubilee, bananas flambe, crepes suzette, pancakes, and clafouti figs.


Text: La Europea ± Photo: Bp