Heirs of the past, shapers of the future 

When you come to know Quinta do Noval, its old and its young Vintages, you will be able to recognize its future harvest. The consistency is quite simply because our Ports come from one single vineyard, a specific and magical place. 

As Christian Seely, the Managing Director has mentioned: “The name Quinta do Noval evokes for me above all a place. A piece of the earth capable of producing wines that are amongst the world’s greatest. The wines of Quinta do Noval express the greatness of this terroir, of this majestic landscape. They evoke also the centuries of history that have been necessary in order for these wonderful wines to exist.” 

The notion of continuity is key: our obligation to the past, our responsibility for the vineyard and its wines today, and our obligations to the future generations who will tend the vineyard and make wine there as we do today. 



Our aim is to continue to produce exceptional wines, with the signature of Quinta do Noval, that first appeared in land registers in the year 1715, and made its name with the declaration of the 1931 Quinta do Noval Vintage Port. This success established this place amongst the great names of Vintage Port in the English and American markets, a leading position in terms of reputation which is maintained today. 

The world’s most highly prized Port also presents its contemporary version; the 2010: Noval Black. A new style of Porto that is fresh, fruity and light. Breaking new ground, it is a simple elegant black bottle, evocative of the night and all its mysteries. A new generation of Port: one that encourages the mind to set free the creative instinct, that invents an entirely new way to drink Port.


Text: Quinta do Noval ± Photo: VINTUS WINE / BED VINE / DEEP PURPLE