A philosophy that doesn’t follow the recipe 

The Bouley spirit isn’t difficult to decipher: freshness and purity of ingredients. Seeking to capture the highest level of flavor, ingredients are utilized in season, in relation to the time of harvest. . Their methods highlight the importance of knowing their suppliers, from farmers to fisherman. Aiming to obtain clarity in taste and presentation so that the guest may fully realize the essence of the products used and choosing ingredients that will provide the utmost nutritional sustenance, Bouley is one of the most acclaimed restaurants in the New York Haute Cuisine scene. 

The heart of French cookery is transmitted not only by this respect towards the kitchen and the creations made in it, it can also be found in the interior design of the restaurant, which portrays an Aire du Provance scenery. Most of the extras in this establishment grant the dinner with several activities such as cooking lessons, allowing us mortals to experience an exquisite taste of what it feels like to draw in an immaculate canvas of odors, flavours and textures.








East Village 163 1st Ave

New York, NY 10003

Tel. (212) 500-0831




Text: María A. Bassaure ± Photo: NEW YORK NATIVES / OKANEN / NEW YORK TIMES / Jen m / GAYOUT / Momofuku Ko