Unique quality and luxury in all of its products has always been a defining characteristic of Buchanan’s, who present its new whisky, “Buchanan’s Red Seal” to the Latin American market as a soft experience for the senses.

The Buchanan’s Red Seal was conceptualized by seasoned experts at Buchanan’s five years ago. However, because of the complexity of the blend, and the quality that was expected of the product, the label decided to introduce it into the market.

Thanks to the fine process behind its creation that renders a perfect balance between the Dalwhinnie and Mannochromore malts, this beverage have a special texture and softness that is accompanied by hints of fruit flavors.



The barrels selected for the aging of the whisky are made from American oak. These were first smoked in order to extract more sulphides from the malt, and were then ignited from the inside to create a carbon layer to extract impurities that could surface when developing the whisky. Once this process is completed, the perfect flavor and consistency are achieved: a lightly sweet liquor with amber tones and caramel, coconut and nut scents.

The second aging process, which is more elaborate than the first and is thus more time consuming, allows the whisky develop a softer texture; for chocolate and vanilla flavors to become more prominent, and for it to rest before it is finally ready to be bottled.

The quality of of the whisky is guaranteed by the rigorous elaboration, and also for the perfect balance that is flavor achieves once the elaboration process is complete, a flavor that can be described as one that can be found between those of the most mature whiskeys and younger counterparts.

Buchanan’s Red Seal represents luxury for the palate; it can be savored on the rocks, or combined with another beverage, and one can still appreciate its flavor, its consistency and aroma. Furthermore, when enjoyed with a light dinner, it paves the way for an extraordinary culinary experience.

There is no doubt that the excellence of this whiskey is due to the tradition and style of Buchanan’s heritage, which guarantees that all of its product are of the best quality.




Text: Leslie Flores ± Photo: Buchanan´s