To know it is to love it

Bros Santa Fe is listed among the 5 best restaurants in Mexico for its excellent quality, creativity and service. It’s a place for the most high maintenance connoisseurs, where surely they will live an experience that will be repeated thousands of times, because like its costumers say:  “To know it is to love it”.

A restaurant such as this one deserves a special cava that is why it offers a great variety and selection of the best wines and harvests, with the objective of accomplishing a perfect combination of wine and food. The best wine tasting is done here, mainly Spanish, and including a Bros labeled wine.

The experts describe it as a cozy Oyster Bar with a last century newyorkish atmosphere, with a pleasant ambience and kind attention.



The two main premises of the Bros are: first the qua-lity and secondly to offer a place with a great service.

The decoration of the restaurant  (with Mahogany wood) reminiscence the United States Oyster Bar, where the oysters and shellfish  (Clam Chowder) are its specialty.


The Top of the house

No one imagined that the Peruan ceviche would be the star dish of this Oyster Bar. Since the opening of the Bros they never predicted the success this dish would have, to such a degree that they ended up mexicatising it, adding ingredients like cilantro, tomato, manzano chili and purple onion.

Plus the Peruan ceviche, other dishes that are outstanding are the prime rib, fried calamari, bros oysters, kings prawns, among others.

The sea food and the different oyster variety is outstanding, from the ones that are served in a tequila glass with lemon and sauce (called flower), to the oysters bed served in their shell and the ones the customers want.

Dessert wise, it has an almond cake, which is equally good as the Peruan ceviche, and it’s very popular, everyone asks for it.

The ambience is warm, pleasant and with an incomparable service, where everyone looks and feels like a big family.





Bros Santa Fe

Juan Salvador Agraz No. 37

T: 5255-52929532


Text: Fabiola Galván Campos ± Pjoto: F. Axel Carranza.