Youth does get along with creativity, that’s why Chef Diego Alejandro Cruz, in charge of the Beach Club Restaurant inside the Fairmont Acapulco Princess Hotel, with significant trajectory as a young kitchen artist, recently won the “Young Chefs” competition that is hosted by the Embassy of France, the Vattel Institute and the State of Guerrero.

His discipline and creativity have allowed him to stand out as a young promise in the world of gastronomy. Cruz has participated in several festivals and gastronomic competitions, but his greatest achievement in this environment is the first place obtained recently as a representative of the Fairmont Princess Hotel in the third edition of the “Young Chefs” competition.



His gastronomic proposal of high Mexican kitchen, with local ingredients, has rewarded him with personal and professional satisfactions.

In an interview he said that cuisine in Mexico is very traditional and extensive with a lot of ingredients that can only be found in Mexico.

For this reason, the winner dish of his creation prepared for the competition has a unique charac­teristic of using ingredients from the region of Guerrero.

“The first dish was a Shrimp Napoleon stuffed with mango ceviche and guajillo pepper, sealed on a pan; on top of an open tempura pumpkin flower and a morron pepper coulis”.

The main dish was a “Golden Dorado spiral with holly leaf, dipped in a fish fumet, with a coconut risotto and a green curry and spices mirror”.

Without a doubt, this is a very adequate creation to enjoy alongside the sea and its breeze and can be defined as a Guerrero Dish of international quality.

The young chef defines himself as a creator, but always keeping in mind the classic techniques of cuisine. “ Once you know the basic techniques you have a more wider margin to create dishes or even modernize the ones that already exist”.





Text: Ricardo Vázquez ± Photo: Rodrigo Hernández.