In Xátiva, Mont-Sant is an inn inside a castle among olive trees and vestiges, diners enjoy the traditional cuisine of Javier Andrés Cifre, who offers exquisite botifarra in pastry, mushroom salad, lamb ribs or ox tail stuffed with foie gras.

Visitors must simple the traditional dish in Valencia: Valencian paella, the culinary protagonist of the region, whether with loose or soft rice and vegetables, chicken and pork. Beside paella, rice and salad, black rice, “amb fessols and naps” in broth with beans and turnips, rice in with black sausage and pork, Alcireña rice, olla churra, made based on pork meat, sausages and vegetables, gachamiga pastry and oven-baked lamb. There are also delicious fish baked in margarine with “all-i-pebre”, garlic, oil and pepper sauce, or duck a l’orange, and old Valencian recipe.

The local wines are good meal companions and chufa nut horchata water is the refreshing traditional drink.

The desserts are true feasts, with almond toast, bread pudding, Easter eggs (monas de Pascua), arnadi (dessert stuffed with squash, pine nuts and nuts), sweet squash, sugared chestnuts. A perfect art.



Hostería de Mont Sant (y restaurante)

Subida al Castillo, Xátiva

T 962 27 50 81

F 962 28 19 05

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Hotel Mont - Sant