Langa variety: thick, white and smooth meat

There are more than 60 varieties from a single codfish family, but those valued the most are: Gadus Morhua and Molva Molva (these species being available at La Europea), they hail from the deep and cold waters off the Nordic seashores in Norway, and they are usually caught by means of fishhooks, a technique that ensures their quality, as this keeps the meat white and pure by avoiding the fish getting contaminated with the toxins of its own blood, as opposed to what happens with friction on the fishnets.


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Its salting process is a traditional method that extends the shelf life of this product and lasts somewhere between 18 to 21 days; in this period the salted water gets extracted and its flavor keeps improving. The cured fishes show yellow shades or even greyish ones, it is in this way that their maximum quality can be told apart.

These species have been highly sought-after by the gastronomy experts due to their flavor, presentation and purity, and also for the benefits they can provide to the health.

For 60 years, La Europea, has stayed as a traditional paragon on the sale of authentic Norwegian codfish Langa (a food with deep roots in the Mexican folklore), striving to provide its clients with its exclusive Langa brand to ensure the best quality.


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Text: LA EUROPEA ± Photo: LA EUROPEA / iberostar