Langa variety: thick, white and smooth meat

It is the only restaurant in Rome awarded with three Michelin Stars, showing the excellence offered on each dish, and for which the most select products of Italy are employed.The food belongs to the best Mediterranean high cuisine and each dish is a work of art in its presentation and flavor, to this is added the great diversity available in its cellar.


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Each moment in La Pergola is special, from the dishware with Vermeil plates down to the atmosphere created by the artworks decorating the place: paintings, porcelain of Sèvres, a brass candelabrum that dates from the XVIII century and a wonderful collection of blown glass of Emile Gallé. An as a backdrop, the Eternal City that can be seen in all its splendor, from the panoramic windows of the restaurant.


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La Pergola

Via Alberto Cadlolo 101,

Roma, Italia.

Tel. 00+39+06 350912152



Text: Rafael Ramírez ± Photo: ARLINGTON / ROME CAVALIER / purenton / Il Pagliaccio / Lenas