Chinese with original recipes

Zhen Shanghai has arrived on the American continent; a Chinese restaurant that meets the highest standards of quality and service in the world and Mexico is the third country where this prestigious restaurant opens.

Zhen Shanghai combines its exquisite gastronomy and service that positions it as the best quality and the most authentic Chinese restaurant by preparing its dishes to original recipes, giving them an original and traditional flavor. Its elegant decoration based on the avant garde oriental style with harmonious lighting offers diners a casual and pleasant atmosphere.



Among the specialties that form part of its extensive menu the Steamed Pasta stuffed with Shrimp, Steamed Pasta stuffed with Pork with Masago, Thick Shark Fin Soup, Shark Fin Soup with Crab meat, Sweet and Sour Chicken Fillet, Barbecue Ribs; Traditional Peking Duck, Fresh Steamed Lobster in Garlic Sauce, Whole Grilled Red Snapper with Asparagus in “Tousy” Sauce, Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, Portion of Roast Suckling Pig and “Zhen” style fried rice noodles stand out. 

Diners can also enjoy the dessert menu of this exclusive restaurant, which is complemented with unmatchable desserts such as the Traditional Hong Kong-style Boiled Egg Tart, Crepes stuffed with Mango and Fresh Cream; Crunchy Fritter covered with Bees’ Honey and a delicious ice cream assortment.



Zhen Shanghai

Campos Elíseos # 218

Dentro del Hotel

Presidente Intercontinental

T 53 27 77 74

T 53 27 77 00 EXT 5454


Text: AMURA ± Photo: Cortesía de Zhen Shanghai.