Queenly, Traditional and Elegant

Quebec’s cuisine has, seemingly forever, been an art that the Québécois have perfected. It is exquisite and the finest chefs compete in excellence. Superlative dining is a great tradition and during our journey we encountered outstanding restaurants. Always accompanied by the best wines, elegant dishes are prepared with the flavors of the region but conserve a French touch.

Quebec is very attractive and receives visitors in exclusive, luxurious, elegant hotels. It also invites them to discover the finest restaurants presided over by superb chefs.


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In the city of Quebec we enjoyed the famous Café du Monde, with its Parisian ambiance; Initiale, renowned for its fine cuisine; and Toast, with its kitchen inspired by the flavors and perfumes of other places. In L’Auberge Saint Antoine the ancient walls rising from the past are adorned by archeological pieces as well as modem art and its Panache restaurant, with it rustic décor that changes with the seasons, cultivates a French Canadian legacy.

La Bastide, a country lodge in Saint Raymond that revisits the sweetness of a house set on the edge of a river, features the excellent country-style cuisine of Pascal Cothet. Le Cheval de Jade, in Saint Jovite, beck- ons with elegant French style.

The routes that lead to these Quebec delicacies steered us on a path of discovery where we encountered tradi- tional flavors and local products like wines, ciders, fruits and meats such as venison and bison. The flavors of maple syrup are combined with unique recipes, the foie gras is presented in the Quebecoise manner and each restaurant pampers its customers with fabulous perfection. 




La bastide

567 Saint Joseph,

Saint Raymond, Québec

G3L 1K8, T (418) 337 37 96

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Auberge Saint Antoine,

10 rue Saint Antoine, C1K 4C9

T (418) 692 10 22



Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney