Authentic Gastronomy Tour

Part of the pleasure of a trip is enjoying the gastronomy and, in Asturias, it is one of its treasures and the exquisite fabada, prepared with beans, harvested in the low lands of the coast, chorizo (a highly seasoned pork sausage) and mor- cilla (black pudding) produced in the finest farms, is the star. White fabada is cooked with clams, per- fectly combining the excellence of this creation with the taste of the sea.

Cheese is the other protagonist of the tables of Asturias and the most renowned is Cabrales, which is prepared with ancestral techniques that allow it to mature in moist caves. However, there are also a great variety of other types that blend the milk of cows, sheep and goats to produce creamy or hard cheeses. All flavors, with different ripening times, are available in the diverse variety of Asturias cheeses.


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Foie gras, cold cuts, cider, wine of the region and desserts are other delicacies.

We have selected three of the top restaurants that liven up the enjoyment of the fare: Blanco, elegant and refined, Ciudadela, with an ambiance of the city and a taste menu that will satisfy even the most exigent, and B Candil, with the freshness of the sea and the congeniality of Camacho, its owner.

Asturias, land of mountains and sea, is a region of good dining, a paradise with excellent cuisine. 


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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney