The Minerva II’s restaurants offer a different way of enjoying cuisine. Bridge Café entices with its exquisite, varied buffets (Indian, Chinese, Philippine and European dishes) and The Swan pampers us with refined dishes (lobster in a fragrant sauce, Parisian touches in some recipes and regional delights). Besides, in The Swan, the navigation route is what determines the culinary offerings on board, from main dishes to desserts. The desserts feature the fruits of the regions through which the ship sails and the main dishes, their flavors and traditional recipes. In the restaurant, with its refined ambiance, you will spend memorable moments while enjoying some of the world’s finest wines (Chilean, South African, Australian and French, among others). The Swan is the best restaurant on board and, also, one of the finest places to dine in the ports of call.    






Minerva II, Swan Hellenic

631 Commack Road, Suite 1 A, Commack, NY 11725

T 001 877 219 42 39

   001 877 800 79 26

F 001 (631) 858 12 79

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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney