Bare essential of Italy

Massimo Bottura incarnates the autodidact artist who lives with a latent talent, with a concern to explore beyond the known boundaries and with deep sources of exploration which land on living works; expressing themselves to the top, for the revelation to others. Very few like him to work on this innate talent, the same as to experiment innovative techniques with various ingredients and great success, by conferring on the cuisine a magnificently fresh and an eminently attained personal touch.

What is extremely clear for Massimo, is the pleasure that food can provoke; he raises this natural virtue to a remarkable level of Italian willingness, by passing from being a stimulant at the beginning to a gradual expansion to unique dishes such as foam of mortadella, cold and hot potato soup and beetroot sorbet, or a superb dessert, all of them perfectly married with a selection of suited wines.

There is a charming touch in every creation of Massimo, leading to unveil a game which sprinkles the diner with some innocence; sensations that the chef evokes out of his own childhood and living experiences, in a mundane the same as a dreamlike way: In the same manner that a memory is something lived through and ethereal for the present, his dishes have that magic by triggering the palate as a master of succulent instants. In this way the palate recognizes the title of one of the best restaurants in the world.









Ostería Francescana

Via Stella 22, 41121

Módena, Italia

Tel. +39 059 223912


Text: Lizethe W. Dagdug ± Photo: Arve P. Krognes / Rick R. / BT / ellizoe