The best bite of the Big Apple

If the point is to experience the New Yorker’s gastronomy, you cannot avoid visiting this famous and posh three Michelin stars place. The milieu is worth of any luxury Manhattan restaurant, not more nor less. At the same time, the menu is remarkable for its variety of flavors, oscillating between the traditional ones with French influence and certain challenges not to the taste of everyone, 100%. Undoubtedly, it delivers proposals in an appreciable, innovative and surprising extent, very New York style, which for the majority of diners become an absolute delight. Attending this establishment means receiving a first class supper with show included, for the experience is entertaining, with surprises at the table, livened up with outstanding quality wines, with the best service.

Daniel Humm is the recognized chef of the regarded as the fourth top restaurant in the world. Born in Switzerland, he started his career at 14; his early initiation endowed him with an imperishable freshness which he has refined and raised to his best point, to offer the most accomplished maturity at Eleven Madison Park.







Eleven Madison Park

11 Madison Avenue, 10010

New York, USA

Tel. +212-889-0905


Text: Lizethe W. Dagdug ± Photo: Arve P. Krognes / Rick R. / BT / ellizoe