The cuisine of wonderland

With a whole British conception, inside a gorgeous establishment, as a part of the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel, in London, the modern elegance of this place is toned down by its relaxed and informal ambience. Its décor comprises details that evoke straight to the most representative of the British roots. The pretty ceiling sculptures made of carved wood bestows it a museum like, deeper level, but its delights yield what the place truly deserves. Its menu has been more than inspired, for through an admirable work of research, it has managed to resurrect unwonted recipes dating the XV and XVI centuries; thus rescuing culinary treasures from the Old Continent, to which otherwise we would not ever have access anymore. Indescribable, refined, sumptuous, unique flavors that had been left in the oblivion, now resurrecting, interpreted with a simply indisputable skill and creativity.

Diners may see the processing of the fabulous dishes through the crystal covering the kitchen area, and thus admire the pulley system for the roasted, inspired by the same one used at the royal court, and anticipate their imagination before the flavor of the delicacies that eventually shall arrive at their palates, as an exquisite piece of history and delicatessen avant-garde.






Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

66 Knightsbridge, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Londres SW1X 7LA, Inglaterra

Tel. +020 7201 3833  


Text: Lizethe W. Dagdug ± Photo: Arve P. Krognes / Rick R. / BT / ellizoe