The King of the Seas

King’s Fish Seafood Grill & Lounge Bar distinguishes itself by its fresh dishes; so, at every table, the catch of the day is served: sea food prepared at a high level of culinary specialization, ready to delight every diner like a king.

Within a dynamic ambience, in wooden décor garnished with maritime details, the restaurant offers a unique culinary concept of grilled shellfish. It is worthy to relish all these kitchen offers, such as shrimp brochettes –an excellent option—or Fino Sherry gravy and, to proceed, a deliciously fresh shellfish dish; here one chooses first hand what one fancies to eat; without disdaining its various types of cuts of beef such as the traditional Chemita Steak, King’s Fish style, in addition to other juicy cuts such as Wood Stove Fire Rib-Eye Steak.





King’s Fish slogan: “King of the Fish and Fish of the Kings”; accompanied by the logo of the sturgeon, fish regarded as an icon of strength in the sea due to its great survival level and the delectability of its caviar, that only from such fish can be obtained; which is why it is regarded as the genuine king of fish. The sturgeon has been reinterpreted by the restaurant crew members as the first diner’s server; our crew are at all times attentive to the diner’s needs, creating the most enjoyable milieu for his gastronomic experience to become a whole pleasure.

A broad drinks menu, as wide as the fish offer, made thinking of the entire satisfaction of diverse personalities and tastes, enhance the exceptional flavor of the already famous freshness of the King’s Fish products; where a first class service is enjoyed in a spacious place that through its decoration evokes the sea life in every detail, generating thus the wave with the right tone preferred to go along with the great moments in the D. F.





Text: AMURA ± Photo: King Fish