Gourmet exclusivity 

Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the renowned international chef, has had the delight of his gastronomic creations alight on a white sand dune in order to lavish his attendees with the joy of his dishes in front of an emerald waters view.

The proposal of this sybaritic master is a creative fusion of Asian and French cuisines, without leaving the local flavor out, with herbs and influences from the island.

In the kitchen, connected to several outdoor patios, exceptional foods are prepared; featuring: the characteristic chicken and coconut milk soup; shiitake cakes; goat cheese fondue with frisée and red pear vinaigrette the same as Bahaman lobster with light curry; golden plantains; and cheesecake with blood orange, among the most refined.






Dune owes its original sandy bluff image to Christian Liaigre, the famous French interior designer; being a unique place that receives for breakfast, lunch and dinner thus transforming them into unmatchable moments.

The restaurant bar has also the best and finest wines, cocktails and cellars à la carte, to relish while contemplating the beach.




1 Casino Drive, Paradise Island, Nassau

Tel: +242 3632501



Text: Alejandra Millanes ± Photo: Atlantis Bahamas / Ristorante Luciano’s of Chicago / UTC / ONEANDONLYRESORTS