A classical experience  

In the sensation of an intimate supper with friends, the historical colonial style manor of the Graycliff Restaurant serves a succulent continental cuisine, with blends from the Bahamas.

According to a five-star establishment, the service offered is first rate, with personnel in white shirt uniforms as neat as the décor. The menu is filled with secret recipes and very suited, unique and sophisticated dishes.

With a superb balance of ingredients, platters such as coeur de filet quatre poivre and guava soufflé have earned the recognition of the most demanding personalities. Its repertoire of drinks lists more than 250 thousand bottles from all ages and for all budgetary ranges; cocktails and a relaxing cognac included.





As an add-on, it also invites to taste its own brand of hand-made cigars, coffee and chocolate; the same as to tour the factory and warehouses where the valuable reserves are made and stored One can choose out of four air conditioner dining rooms, in a tranquil ambiance, or an outdoor dining area to share with family and friends; special to relish the best dishes at the best place.



Graycliff Hotel, Restaurant,

& Cigar Company

8 thru 12 West Hill Street,

Nassau, Bahamas

Tel: +242 3029150



Text: Alejandra Millanes ± Photo: Atlantis Bahamas / Ristorante Luciano’s of Chicago / UTC / ONEANDONLYRESORTS