A star beyond honor

This restaurant opens our Top 5 for Scotland’s gourmet scene. In Mark Greenagay, nothing could distract us from the complete culinary experience found inside this elegant yet sober and unpretentious establishment. The service is precise and amicable, while the entrees display not only the astonishing flavors of the land, but the mastery, experience, and care given by one of the greatest talents in Scotland: chef Mark Greenaway. There are no limits to creativity or the range of flavors in this establishment, where the blue walls seem to transform into the landscapes from where it draws it’s inspiration. Without further ado, our highest recommendation.





Mark Greenaway

69 North Castle Street, Edimburgo

EH2 3LJ, Escocia

Tel. + 0131 226 1155



Text: Mark Greenaway ± Photo: Paul Johnston at Copper Mango.