Local passion

Property of chef Neil Forbes, who considers “cuisine to be an emotional experience that involves all the senses,” this is the spot that diners search when searching for a secluded culinary experience. You’ll see a scant amount of tourists after realizing that you are beholding a true gastronomic temple. Beyond the concept of local cuisine you will acknowledge a very noticeable French tone. First-rate ingredients, thorough cooking, and perfectly seasoned selected recommendations keep it’s limited menu well afloat. Although similar establishments may dissipate, they fail to reach the heights that this one has achieved with a casual atmosphere that still challenges experienced diners.







Cafe St Honoré

34 North West Thistle Street Lane, Edimburgo

Tel. +0131 226 2211



Text: Lizethe Dagdug ± Photo: Number One (hotel Balmoral, Edinburgh) / THE CLAY / rocco forte hotels / THEWILDFIG