A French corner in Uruguay

Chef Jean-Paul Bondoux has created this place - located in one of the best neighborhoods of Punta del Este- into his own corner of French excellence, it is currently one of the most successful delicacy spots of this destination!   

The flavours that La Bourgogne offers are quite local, they are elaborated with products grown on the very same property which are crafted with artistry and a special attention to detail.  A beautiful garden is complemented by it’s view, complementing a grant experience.

A feature that is outstanding is the chef’s taste of accompanying his dishes with the best aromatic herbs: “My kitchen is attached to the earth. I like thyme, laurel, sage, garlic, onion, tomato, everything that comes from the soil.” The selection of tea and pastries is the best to crown a full visit to this place that never disappoints; it has swiftly become for it’s diners into one of the places with best memories in Punta del Este.









La Bourgogne

Pedragosa Sierra y av del Mar,

Punta del Este 20100, Uruguay

Tel. +598 4248 2007



Text: Lizethe Dagdug ± Photo: La Bourgogne / DENISE OMER / CONRAD / ST TROPEZ / Lo de Tere / B Restaurant & Bar