An ode to aromatic richness 

In this Maison we meet a wine of multiple facets that converts into a model of sophistication and creates a relief toward the constancy of style in it’s house. Since its founding in 1811,Maison Perrier-Jouët allows us to reveal unique strains which have previously been secretly kept within its cellars.A precise selection of the cuvée Belle Époque is almost impossible to find nowadays. 

To the eyes, this liquid reveals a blanket of ámbar reflections; it’s effervescence is persistent. A whiff displays an exceptional affluent aromatic palette that introduces itself in a subtle manner. A perfume created with fruit, fry flowers, boiled pears and confites, is entwined by traces of cinnamon, honey, nuts and merengue, crowned by noted of butter and cocoa beans that progressively expand. The aftertaste is complex and refined, it created a perfect harmony of freshness, acidity and minerals.


Text: Gloria Bassaure ± Photo: HOUSEOFCO / DIADEMA / boerl and kroff / krug