Contributions to pleasure

Of Italian origin, Diadema was born in the hacienda Villa L’Olmo, Tuscany. A clear objective portrayed by this Frattoria, is the creation of champagne elaborated by several grapes; on the same note, it’s emblem is the fervent believe that the products created are “contributions to pleasure”, which immediately to the Earth, nature, and its transformation toward the passions of mankind.  These qualities are treated with care and respect, transforming it into spirits.

This cuvée is composed by 70% of Pinot Noir and  30% of Chardonnay, granting it with a fresh typicity and intense morbidity. To the palette it’s presented in a round and soft manner: with tastes of strawberry, red fruits and forest fruits, it gifts with citric traces in it’s background. Its finale is doted of a delicious, overwhelming note. It’s production is limited each year.


Text: Gloria Bassaure ± Photo: HOUSEOFCO / DIADEMA / boerl and kroff / krug