From Germany to the world

One of the best kept secrets of Germany; Armand de Brignac exists since 1763 and it belongs to the Cattier Family. These lands arise from the Chigney-les-Roses regions and their are qualified as “Premier Cru”. Several centuries were necessary to reach the final result of what today is the process and recuperation of this champagne.

The Cattier house has turned into a synonym of the highest praise for lovers of this noble drink. The vineyard is constantly put to the test by several international wine fairs; this action -along with several others- is the periodic confirmation of the continuous quality of this velvety champagne.Cattier has been nominated amongst the 30 best “ prestige cuevées”. The Parisian restaurant, Maxim’s, offers Cattier as the house brand, fact that has left a important mark for this vineyard.


Text: Gloria Bassaure ± Photo: HOUSEOFCO / DIADEMA / boerl and kroff / krug