One of the most generous strains in the history of  Champagne

Behind every precious drop of Krug lies the dream of a visionary. A man -how before many- understood that the essence of champagne is pleasure. 170 years ago, Joseph Krug broke formalities to follow his dream, creating one of the most generous expressions of his champagne each year.  

Krug 1982 is opulent and  giving, while it serenely unveils itself. At first sight it’s bubbles have a fantastic colour, seemingly untouched by time. To the nose it grants traces of mocha and hazelnut with a profound maturity, revealing tangy pepper. In the mouth the flavour of rich honey reigns, as well as crystallized fruits and tropical varieties; mango and spices slowly take force.


Texto: Gloria Bassaure ± Foto: HOUSEOFCO / DIADEMA / boerl and kroff / krug