Graacher  Domprobst , Mosel

The small village of Graach is located between two more famous wine villages, Bernkastel and Wehlen, but wine has been grown here since the Roman times. The wines of Selbach-Oster are considered to be some of the very best in the Mosel. The estate has held vineyard land in this area since the late 1600s. It is a large estate by Mosel standards, but the philosophy remains “hands-off”—the goal is to make wines that express their unique sites. This vineyard is composed of Devonian slate and all the vineyard work is done by hand on the steep slopes, with the wines fermented with the grapes’ own natural yeasts. The wines produced from this vineyard have a characteristic slate quality with nut aromas and rich fruits with snappy acidity.


Text: Erin Brooks ± Photo: OWCIBES / weinhauss / WINEX / MONTROSE / TOASTER / WEBME