Culture & tradition

Located in the heart of the city, art is fused with gastronomical traditions to create an ambience that dates back to the 12th century. It offers a varied selection of local cuisine, sweet treats, Samovar tea, and the chance to enjoy the smooth aromas of a water pipe – to mention only a few of the delicacies found in this establishment. Throughout the garden, days unfold pleasurably. Depending on the moment of the day, one can choose between numerous cultural activities. It is possible to enjoy an exquisite breakfast in the morning in any of the 10 salons that display some of the most important art pieces in the country, while at night, warm weather enhances a night out in the down filled with jazz and traditional fanfare.







Sahil Ave

Oilers Boulevard, Baku, Azerbaijan 

Tel: +994 012 404 8212


Text: ± Photo: SAFFRON / WED-Recovered / ART GROUP / syaq / silt / BAKU