Walking along the trails that run along the Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay in Bali, we found a door, like a typical Balinese house. We went to find a lush garden surrounding a pond from which water lilies and lotuses arise, we crossed stepping stones submerged in water and we reached a wonderful terrace on the edge of the pond. We settled in, watching the chefs prepare their dishes in the kitchen located along the back wall.


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The ambience is exquisite, recalling the atmosphere of ancient times, the air flowing through the vegetation; aromas filling the space in a subtle mixture of flowers and fine cuisine.

So begins a parade of beautiful and delicious dishes, each more delicious than the previous one, delicate and beautifully decorated. We serve authentic local and regional cuisine, including its popular Wed, traditional Nolde. You can dine at the communal table watching the cooks enjoy individual tables. We tested the soup with Nolde and vegetables Indonesia but also the Soto Ayam, traditional chicken soup with lemon tea. Sate Lilit continue with (Bali skewers with vegetables and peanut sauce) and Lumpia (fried spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce). The main dish was the Bebek Goreng Nasi, roasted duck with honey and rice, and Mie Jakarta, Nolde fried with chicken and mushrooms.

We finished with browned banana and a fruit salad with a mango sorbet.

The evening at the Warung Mie is one of the unforgettable pleasures during your stay in Bali, and one of the must at Indonesia, where the cuisine is dressed in lavish colors and refined flavors. Warung Mie is the star of the kitchen in the dream island of the gods.


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Warung Mie, Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay, Bali

Jimbaran, Dempasar, Bali,

T: 62 (361) 701020


Text:  Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney