Not just a great place where it is possible to experience a different cuisine, full of delicious flavors like the barnacles dish, but also a sophisticated minimal space, in which the Austrian chef Dieter Koschina surprises friends and strangers with his culinary creations. In fact, the remarkable work of Koschina has led Vila Joya to join the ranking of the 50 best restaurants in the world. In addition, to share the way he works, Dieter also opens the doors of his kitchen -up to six people per session-, where diners can appreciate and enjoy the savoir-faire of this great chef that combines local and northern Europe products. Also, to know the beautiful and unusual kitchen of Vila Joya that owns two Michelin Stars.






Vila Joya

Estrada da Galé 8200-416,

Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

Tel. 351 289 591 795

Text: Ruth González Balvanera ± Photo: HOTELS IN HEAVEN / BP / PANORAMIO / HOTEL Fortaleza do Guincho/ São Gabriel / gabriel vedipe / WIXTATIC / / theaddressmagazine / progressivepulse / WPS