Fashion week provokes certain local elements to divert to the point of turning themselves into a must for international visitors who have very little time to explore the Big Apple. This is what has happened with the trendiest vegan restaurant which is New York’s most recent sensation, by CHLOÉ is a trendy, delicious place with an ad hoc style for those who love fashion and a healthy bite!

Located between Bleecker and MacDougal Street, by CHLOÉ makes a bet on a totally green  proposal, - it’s kosher certified- several vegan hamburgers are quite the stoppers, such is the case of the Guac Burger or the Pesto Meatball Sandwich, as well as gluten free juices and desserts which are simply delicious. 

Their brunch options are made in heaven, one thing we do point out are the ice creams: You-have-to-try-them. They are completely healthy and sweetly privileged with a supreme quality, along a flavor that asks nothing from your traditional gelato.

By the way, they DO have an instagram account!

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