Grupo Azucarero del Tropico presented the new “Ron La Gloria in Mexico City. The rum is the product of more than 50 years in the sugar industry and the exclusive “Caña Diamante ®”, which was created as a mixture of the “Janoru” sugarcane, imported from Cuba in 1949, and the best variety of Mexican sugarcanes. This combination produced mead of unparalleled richness in sugar that contributes to the velvety textures and cherry and vanilla tones that characterize Ron Añejo.


Ron Añejo is elaborated through double distilling process of the meads from the “Caña Diamante®” and it is aged in white oak barrels. The Ron Añejo Cristalino goes through a process of double filtration to achieve the purity that is transmitted in its clarity and the delicacy of its scent.