The vehicle combines the iconic looks and robust off-road capabilities of the G-Class with elements that make up the brand's EQ concept.

From September 7 through September 12, IAA Mobility 2021 will be held in Munich, Germany. Under the title What will move us next, this event is considered "the largest in the world", where more than a thousand exhibitors will present new concepts for future mobility.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the EQG, an all-electric version of the SUV model series, for steep slopes and deep terrain, thanks to its traction power and low center of gravity.

The SUV retains the main characteristic of the G-Class: its square shape, although with lines that have been modernized and polished. For example: its grille, completely closed and illuminated in blue contrasts; also, there are its illuminated mirrors and a box in which the cables are kept charging it, which occupy the place of the spare tire.

Gorden Salarnes, design director of the Daimler Group - a group that owns several car brands, including Mercedes-Benz - said, "We are traveling into the future with the new EQG! This car represents our tireless pursuit of maximum desire and luxury."

On the other hand, Markus Schäfer, Daimler board member and chief operating officer of Mercedes-Benz, announced, "Provided market conditions permit, Mercedes.Benz will be ready to go all-electric by the end of the decade."

About the EQG, the brand confirmed that this is very close to being the production model, although one would have to wait until 2023 to order one. During the presentation, neither the EQG's interiors nor specific data on its power output were revealed.

Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz registered the names EQG 560 and EQG 580; the EQS models with the same designation reach more than 520 hp.