“To move through these delicately precise, weightless impressions is to experience a distinct emotional register, a sense of being in flux, crossing boundaries and moving between psycholog-ical states.”
Victoria Miro Gallery en Londres

Like many contemporary and experimental artists, Do-Ho Suh wants viewers to be more aware of and interact with the space they inhabit: the notion of migration and the meaning of home. He transforms said space with architectural installations carefully crafted with fabric to the tiniest detail. He represents spaces close to his personal experiences—the houses he grew up in, the ordinary objects that surround him in his everyday life, the apartment complex he moved into when he relocated to London, etc. In his exhibitions, viewers can walk through the passageways of his creation—the otherworldly architecture that exists as space within space—experiencing these replicas of familiar things in unexpected, foreign ways. Suh currently divides his time be-tween Seoul, New York and London. He graduated from Seoul National University, and comple-mented his studies at Rhode Island School of Design and Yale University. His technique involves elaborate sewing methods in addition to 3D mapping and scanning technology for accurate di-mensionality.






Text: Ashanti Rojano ± Photo: OPIOM GALLERY / STUDIO JKM / jra / SINASTY KOREA / ATR / NR / Slummy / FPD / HYPOCRITE DESIGN / KRISTALL WELTEN / NGV / KN PHOTO / e flux / JN TSU / central seoulcourtesy PKM gallery, seoul / I0W / SNOOPEST / copyright © Jeong-moon Choi - All rights reserved.

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