“Why do people obsess about the eyes in my paintings? I was never asked about the presence of nose or lips. I think this suggests that the energy that eyes have in paintings can control the emotions of the works significantly."
Kwang Ho Shin

Unlike Monochrome paintings, Kwang Ho Shin’s abstract portraits are at the same time colorful and dark. They present a distorted version of reality—a transformation of the human form and our perception of its meaning. His work, a potentially grotesque mixture of charcoal, acrylic, and oil paint, has no beginning or end, no precise sense or reason, only deep emotion and a connec-tion between artist-painting-viewer. Kwang was born in Seoul in 1983 and graduated from Keimyung University in 2009. Through his work, he has created a language of his own with the impasto technique and a mixture of abstraction and expressionism, which exemplify human complexity and even inner violence. His paintings have been exhibited at the Goethe Institute, the Korea Gallery in Berlin, the UNIX Gallery in New York, the Daegu Art Square Studio, the Ar-tRaum Berlin Galerie, and more.




Text: Ashanti Rojano ± Photo: OPIOM GALLERY / STUDIO JKM / jra / SINASTY KOREA / ATR / NR / Slummy / FPD / HYPOCRITE DESIGN / KRISTALL WELTEN / NGV / KN PHOTO / e flux / JN TSU / central seoulcourtesy PKM gallery, seoul / I0W / SNOOPEST / copyright © Jeong-moon Choi - All rights reserved.

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