“We all grow and become mature through various experiences and sufferings … notably joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure, which we Koreans consider the four basic emotions. ”
JeeYoung Lee.

For young artist JeeYoung Lee, a room is a world—a universe of her own, full of possibilities in which to explore self-identity. Once again, space is the main motif, the transformation of it into a mirror of the self, a window to the mind. Her work is a combination of plastic arts made of eve-ryday materials and photography, often described as self-portraits, not only because we can always find her as a human prop in the middle of her colorful creation, but because these scenes narrate her deeply inner conflicts, emotions, dreams and experiences. But her art is mostly in-terpretative and immersive. Lee’s work has been recognized internationally and exhibited in venues like OPIOM Gallery and Gallery LVS. She also received the Sovereign Art Prize in 2012.







Text: Ashanti Rojano ± Photo: OPIOM GALLERY / STUDIO JKM / jra / SINASTY KOREA / ATR / NR / Slummy / FPD / HYPOCRITE DESIGN / KRISTALL WELTEN / NGV / KN PHOTO / e flux / JN TSU / central seoulcourtesy PKM gallery, seoul / I0W / SNOOPEST / copyright © Jeong-moon Choi - All rights reserved.

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