The Museo del Prado exhibits 20 masterpieces carved in crystal that date from the Renaissance, they were designed for the most representative European nobility of the period. Through the exhibit called Transparent Art, the importance of crystal  in the Milanese Renaissance  -Arte transparente, la talla de cristal en el Renacimiento milanés - which will be available from October the 14th of 2015 to January 10th of 2016 you will be able to enjoy this art statement movement.

We are talking about pieces carved by the artists of the Miseroni and Saracchi families, as well as Francesco Tortorino and Annibale Fontana, who created these artworks with extreme finesse for the Italian sovereign, Philip II.

Of the 20 pieces displayed, fourteen belong to the Dauphin’s Treasure, while the rest come from the Medici’s Florentine collection, as well as the Parisian collection of Louis XIV, it also includes a demonstration of the crystallization of Hialin quartz.