The Re Profumo brand of writer Fulvio Fronzoni, has created, alongside of several master perfumists, a book with a narrative created on the olfactive sense; it’s speech is fusioned with literature and the power of the essences used.

Fulvio depicts every one of these fragrances portrayed in the pages of a book, with only one flip, the aromas elongate on the air and go out of the paper while elevating through the skin and discovering it’s charm.  He has even created a story developed in Venice, where the first perfume originates, this essence makes humankind divine.  Parting from this idea, five fragrances have been developed inspired on the characters:  Alexandros,  Adone, Ekstasis, Love Dream and Superuomo.

The flasks have been exclusively designed by Rita Dal Prà, a historic ceramic house from Venice that has determined to exude the best of this aromatic speech through classical Venetian grifoni, globes, teapots and jars, they are  hand crafted  and painted with 24 carat gold paint. On the other hand, the "Meraviglia" fragrance has been designed in perpetual homage to Venice, inspired in the creation of Giacomo Balla in 1926 with motive of Venice Biennale commemoration in 2015.