Interview Vicenzo Moccia

With the 2006 Miami Boat Show as a backdrop, Amura Yacht & Lifestyle held exclusive interviews with the great yachtsman of the world. We bring you one of these in this edition and later issues we will continue to share with you the rich experience of meeting and talking with the great experts.

Baglietto yachts are built at two shipyards, one in Varazze and the other in Spezia, both in Italy. The company was founded by Pietro Baglietto in 1854, and first operated as a military shipyard. Most of the Italian ships from the Second World War were built by Baglietto.

It is the oldest shipyard in Italy that continues working in the same place as it was born. Therefore, we are pleased to bring you this exclusive interview with Vicenzo Moccia, Sales and Marketing Director of Camuzzi Nautica Baglietto and Cantieri Di Pisa.


Why are Baglietto yachts so distinguished?

For their speed and quality.  Thanks to Baglietto's military history, our engines of very fast. We built the fastest modern yacht of the "Met. Área", called Vizattto, 27 meters in length and built of pure aluminum, which reaches a speed of 65 knots.


What is Camuzzi Group and why is it interested in the yacht market?

It is one of the most important financial groups in Italy; Camuzzi strongly believes in the ultra-luxury yacht market and wanted to create an Italian yacht that would compete with the best in the world.  That's why it bought Baglietto at the end of 2004 and Cantieri Di Pisa in 2005.



Why buy two Italian boatyards? What are their similarities and differences?

Baglietto and Cantieri Di Pisa compete with each other. When talking to people about boatyards, the Cantieri Di Pisa people say that the only finishings that could compete with its brand were Baglietto's and that the only engines that could compete with Baglietto’s were Cantieri Di Pisa’s. Today there are very different, since Baglietto is totally dedicated to aluminum and stainless steel, whereas Cantieri Di Pisa concentrates on more classical yachts. Now that we have them both together, we use the strength of both brands to relaunch new products.  We have sold the entire 2006 production from March 2005: one 85-footer, one 105-footer, one 125-footer and a 145-footer, as well as half of the 2007 production.


What you exhibiting at this Boat Show?

A Cantieri Di Pisa, a 98-foot Paglietto Di Pisa and an 88-foot Baglietto.


What is your business view for the North American market?

We want our clients to know that they can start ordering their yachts from now, that we will be present and we will be making a strong investment in America. It is obvious that this will have a strong impact on the Mexican market and we are very interested in the potential of that market.


Being such a classic brand, how have you managed to link classic with modern with regard to technology and design?

In the case of Baglietto, we have grown in the last 10 years with the designer Francesco Bascosti, who created a new dream that put us at the cutting edge from the design the point of view. Francesco understands the world of yachts and boatyards perfectly and he knows the history of this boatyard, so he knows how to interpret it and turn his new proposals into modern and attractive designs.

The designer for Cantieri Di Pisa is Pier Luigi Espagollini. A yacht built by Cantieri is very easy to recognize because of its unmistakable design and exterior lines.  This is the result of constant redesign work, which combines renewal with the conservation of certain key elements, which are classics of our brand.



What is your price range?

9 million for a 34 meter yacht and up to €36 million for a 62 meter yacht.


How would you define your yachts?

With the word "sexy". We you see one of our yachts in the marina, the others simply fade into the background, since ours are attractive because of the color and the combination with the metal. And if you add speed and quality to this, with a good layout, then you have a winner.  Also, we never lose touch with any of the owners of our yachts; we always keep in strict contact.


What are you going to do so that the people in Mexico know more about your brands?

The Mexican market is very important for us, since it represents a very large nautical market.  We have a very interesting advertising campaign for Mexico and Latin America, so we will be telling our potential clients that Baglietto and Cantieri Di Pisa are back.      



Text: Enrique Rosas ± Photo: Baglietto.