El Cid Golf & Country Club

If you like golf and fishing, welcome to the perfect spot: El Cid Golf & Country Club. It is located on the Pacific where, in addition to the finest fishing fleet available for reeling in a big one, there are 27 championship holes, nine of them designed by Lee Treviño. Passionate about fishing, Treviño caught several marlins in these waters, but when he got to land he found a golf club to which he added nine holes, to make it an attraction for golfers. The courses are known as El Moro, Castilla and Marina, the latter designed by the “Super Mex.”

Together they make up part of a biological reserve inhabited by deer, turtles, fish, tropical birds and crocodiles, as well as lush vegetation and lakes that give the 27 holes some spectacular views. This is just one of the reasons that, since 1998, Golf Digest has listed it as one of the best courses in the world.

In addition to the courses’ five lakes, the Marina canals can be seen along a good part of the course. For the 6th and 8th holes of the Marina section, players have to get their shots across the water, with all the risks this implies. But let us take a tour of some of the best holes found in this beautiful setting, located on the coast of the Mexican Pacific.



The Moro Course

Hole 7. This long par 4 is the most difficult of the course. Even though it is straight there is a canal that crosses it at a diagonal, the left-hand side being the most dangerous. Players with long drives should avoid using the driver.


The Castilla Course

Hole 9. This long par 4 with a dogleg left is perfectly delineated with trees and palms, as well as out-of-bounds to the left. The track rolls to the right, next to hole 11. Not even players with long drives can cut the corner.




The Marina Course

Hole 3. This long par 3 is the most difficult on this side. A large lake protects the entire right side of this narrow fairway with a natural right slope that seems to have a magnet that attracts the balls, because the wind blows in the same direction. The fairway has a large sand trap on left, very close to the out-ofbounds line.

In addition to all the services of a world-class course, there is a golf school, with instructors recognized by the PGA, LPGA and USGTF, where pupils can improve certain aspects of their game.



Av. Camarón Sábalo s/n
82110, Mazatlán, Sinaloa
T 01(669) 913 56 11

(blue marks. rating 131



Yards  Par 
1 376 
8 611 
9 356 
Out 36 3,423
(blue marks. slope 124)  
 Hole Yards  Par 
1 371 
2 490 
3 202 
4 340 
5 310 
6 413 
7 497 
8 186 
9 391 
Out 36  3,200 
(blue marks. slope 126)  
Hole Yards  Par 
9 4 386
Out 36 3,436


Text: Laura Velázquez ± Photo: El Cid