Luxury Lab, the most important Rendez Vous around luxury and lifestyle integrated to the vanguard and current technology, was held at the St. Regis Hotel in Mexico City on last June 13 2016. Among an atmosphere of constructive enthusiasm, different topics and luxury industry phenomena were analyzed by prominent personalities, who through their expertise and success stories managed to afford a glimpse of the direction that the luxury sector is taking for Mexico and the world.

"Art is above the luxury, in fact, art is precisely what luxury aspires" was one of the conclusions reached during the summit, where the role of technology for quality of life and sustainability stood out from the start of the program, as the true luxury , from the perspective of Simon Levy (Chief Executive Officer of Pro CDMX ), rather than an issue of exclusivity, materials and timelessness , it is to seek transcendence and return to natura through the integration of an intelligent and sustainable urban planning and education to promote a resilient society.

Different kind of luxury showed examples of their scope and direction through several success stories, where one of the central themes was the potential of digital platforms to promote the market, as well as initiatives to create luxury goods and support communities and causes through the integration of a refined craftsmanship, coherent and strategic storytelling through cutting edge channels and, above all, the will to undertake and promote success beyond a business or volumes themes.

Another widely discussed topics was the watchmaking sector, where it was noted that, despite the new technologies will continue to deliver us Smart models, manufacturing will not disappear as an element of exclusivity, but there is going to be a revolution for the industry achieved through the potential of 3D printing and other possibilities that will surprise in the nearly future, as well as the trendy and fashion sector.

With speakers like Mario Jobbe, Brank Karma COOO Co-founder; Carlos Huber, creator of the perfume line Arquiste; Jean - Jacques L'Hénaff, vice president of Lixir Water Technology; Miroslava Duma, Co -founder of Buro 24/7; as well as Air France, Piel Canela, Hennessy, Illy, Mont Blanc and Cartier, among other sponsors, Luxury Lab crowned this year in Mexico as the platform to analyze and innovate the contemporary luxury issues, where the country has an increasingly market.